For a *D (star doe, the doe has met the minimum standard for milk production or she has three *D daughters, or two +S sons, or two *D daughters and one +S son.

A 2*D (two star doe) is the daughter of a star doe and has also met the minimum standards for milk production. The number proceeding the star indicates the number of consecutive generations of qualifying does. As an example, 8*D identifies that "Arwen" and seven dams before her all qualified for milk performance awards. 

A *S (star sire) has a *D dam and has a +S sire or sire with a *D dam.

A +S (plus sire) has at least three *D daughters (from three different does), or has two +S sons, or has two *D daughters and one +S son.

A ++S (two plus sire) has at least three *D daughters (from three different does), and at least two +S sons.

VG means Very Good. E means excellent.

Stargazer's Anna is a stunning Chamoisee colored doe with striking blue eyes. She is out of 3 Fields Rain. 

3 Fields Rain is a doe out of Doe-Sy-Doe RHP Snowflake by 3 fields WM Waterboy. Rain comes from a superb dairy background. Her grandmother is the Champion Doe MCH Stonewall's L'il Honeysuckle 6*DE. He grand-dams are Twin Creeks LS Suncatcher *D VG and Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D.

Anna's sire is Black Eagle Ranch Pepe Le Pew. On his dad's side, Pepe's sire is GotAGoat Farm Mayo's Sampson *S out of TimberHills Farm Spice. His grandsire is AOF AJ's Charles Horace Mayo *S and grand-dam AOF Draco's Bonnie Parker 3*D VG.