For a *D (star doe, the doe has met the minimum standard for milk production or she has three *D daughters, or two +S sons, or two *D daughters and one +S son.

A 2*D (two star doe) is the daughter of a star doe and has also met the minimum standards for milk production. The number proceeding the star indicates the number of consecutive generations of qualifying does. As an example, 8*D identifies that "Arwen" and seven dams before her all qualified for milk performance awards. 

A *S (star sire) has a *D dam and has a +S sire or sire with a *D dam.

A +S (plus sire) has at least three *D daughters (from three different does), or has two +S sons, or has two *D daughters and one +S son.

A ++S (two plus sire) has at least three *D daughters (from three different does), and at least two +S sons.

VG means Very Good. E means excellent.

3 Fields Phoebe is a tri-colored doe out of 3 Fields WB Solstice by 3 Fields WM Waterboy. Her Grand-sires on her mom's side are Rosasharn P Watermark *S and Rosasharn P Watermark *S. Her Grand-dams on her dad's side are ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D VG AR1599 and MCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Honey bun 7*DE. Her Grand-sire is ARMCH Twin Creeks WB.

Phoebe gave birth to Stargazer's Pablo Picasso. Stargazer Goats were so impressed with him that they kept him as one of thier breeding bucks. Pablo's daughter from 2014 won Grand Champion Junior Dairy Doe!